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slush puppy van!!


匿名 asked: but you are tho



i want a boy to call me sexy

ok theres this thanksgiving dance and girls ask out guys but how do i do et

pls give ideas, i have one but i need more lmao



wifigoth asked: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEARLSS!!!💦🐚🌸

loVE YOU SASHA!!! 💞🎈


匿名 asked: Sorry 2 bother! I've been looking all over for a milky case but everyone i find are either expensive or made for the 5! do you know where i could buy a fujiya milky case for the 5c? :(

ah okay so my friend bought me this case but I’m pretty sure eBay or amazon is a good place, mine just happen to fit but it’s weird because most iPhone 5/5s cases don’t fit iPhone 5c but it was out of luck that it fit my phone


匿名 asked: Hi!!!! what phone is that milky case for??? it looks really nice!! Happy birthday!!!

iPhone 5c :) my friend got it for me for my birthday and thank you !!!


bruh my phone is always in my damn hand if u think im ignoring you i am
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